ALLI's lasting impact


Everyone involved in ALLI took valuable experiences and new knowledge from it. The collaborative nature of the programming meant that facilitators and participants alike gained much. The projects produced during ALLI attest to the impact of ALLI on the students, as does the feedback we received from them.

Furthermore, ALLI reached beyond its immediate beneficiaries. The public was invited to the film festival, the orality panel, and the revitalization symposium. The theatre production was particularly influential: 20 first nations people from outside ALLI performed the piece, which was interactive with the audience. The result lives on in video format.

Student Projects

Jesse Gabriel Singer The Power of Language: An Appeal for Language Educational Programs as Correctional Tools for Aboriginal Offenders in Canada Today
Briony Taylor Recommendations for External Language Credit: Indigenous Language Programs & British Columbian Secondary Schools
Sheldon Robinson Respected elders, chief and council, members of the school board: our traditional Nisga'a language


Participant Responses

Excellent, throught-provoking insights. Left me hungry for more!

[We learned] how to overcome some of the socio-political problems including how to work around the effects of the denigration of aboriginal languages and culture, spirituality.

I knew a lot about cultural issues, but this was a new angle on them.

We were given every necessary resource to pursue further work with documentation.

I can definitely research and interview people on language to work on getting it revitalized.

We became aware of the much needed positions in this field, in communities, government, and all across the board.

We learned the power of art and stories in teaching and preserving culture.

[What I liked best about my ALLI experience was] the feeling of being part of something useful, and part of a real community working for change.

Hearing each community speak of each problem and how each is attempting to overcome any resistance to revitalization was/is very encouraging.

[The Forum Theatre event] exposed raw emotion on why we do not (some communities) use our languages on a daily basis.

One of the best, if not the best, university course I've taken in 9 years of studies!!

The fish was great!!

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