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The Aboriginal Languages and Literacy Institute's exciting summer 2006 program was a productive month of courses and activities. ALLI aimed to increase awareness of endangered languages and to provide concrete expertise and skills to address community needs.   Researchers, educators, community members and other interested parties all participated.   They were given powerful tools to document, understand, and spread aboriginal languages with the ultimate goal of ensuring that these languages endure as part of a linguistic and cultural heritage for generations to come.

Four courses were offered for credit through ALLI, spanning four departments in the Faculties of Education and Arts.   Exciting extracurricular programming, open to the public, supported ALLI's goals:

  • A theatre workshop allowed a group of Aboriginal participants to create an interactive piece based on the challenges of reclamation and revitalization of their linguistic heritage.  

  • A film festival presented an international, national, and local perspectives on endangered languages.

  • A panel allowed four presenters to come together with the audience to discuss Indigenous Orality and Storytelling for Education.  

  • A day-long symposium on the topic of Language Revitalization was good.

ALLI had an impact on all the participants, and work done during the course of the program continues to reach different people.

The Aboriginal Languages and Literacy Institute is a collaborative initiative of:



First Nations Languages



Language and Literacy Education



First Nations Studies

ALLI 2006 Steering Committee:

  • Patricia A. Shaw, Director, First Nations Languages Program, Arts
  • Margery Fee, Director of Intercultural and Community Programs, Arts
  • Linc Kesler, Director, First Nations Studies Program, Arts
  • Jo-ann Archibald. Associate Dean for Indigenous Education
  • Jan Hare, Assistant Professor, Language and Literacy Education

ALLI Advisory Board

One of the foundational goals of this initiative was to build an Advisory Board that was broadly representative of First Nations Elders, experienced community-based language educators, and community-based learners to help guide the development and implementation of our program. Particularly important was representation from t he Musqueam Indian Band, on whose ancestral territory UBC is situated; from the urban Aboriginal population of Greater Vancouver (the Urban Gitksan and Urban NLe'kepmxcin Associations); from Native education organizations in both the urban core (NEC) and elsewhere in the province (NVIT; FNSA; En'owkin); and from community and Band schools in rural BC (Adams Lake/Chase; Nam g is, Alert Bay). The individuals who collaborated with us throughout the project in this capacity are:

  • Larry Grant, Elder, Musqueam Indian Band, and Adjunct Professor, UBC FNLG
  • Doreen Jensen, Urban Gitksan Association
  • Mandy Jimmie, Nicola Tribal Association; Nicola Valley Institute of Technology;
  • Joe Michel, Adams Lake Band; Chase Immersion Program
  • Tim Michel, Science/Land & Food Systems, UBC
  • Kathleen Reynolds, Aboriginal Early Childhood Development, Native Education Center, Vancouver; Urban N?e'kepmxcin Association

Several other key individuals from across the province were, for various reasons, not able to attend the Advisory Board meetings in person. However, we gratefully acknowledge each of the following leaders in First Nations language and literacy initiatives for their input and strong support throughout the ALLI planning and implementation processes, and for their role in disseminating information about ALLI events to their local constituencies.  

  • Lorna Williams, CRC Scholar in Aboriginal Education and Linguistics, U of Victoria
  • Ellen White, Elder-in-Residence, Malaspina College
  • Bill Cranmer, Chief Nam g is First Nation; Chair, FPHLCC
  • Jeanette Armstrong, En'owkin Centre and UBC Okanagan
  • Greg Louie, Maaqtusiis School, Pt. Alberni; President, First Nations Schools Association
  • Pewi Alfred, U'mista Cultural Center


  • BC Ministry of Advanced Education: Aboriginal Special Projects Fund
  • UBC FNLG Program, Faculty of Arts

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